Happy Birthday Lobster!

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who has donated to my TNT efforts so far. You guys are so awesome, that in just 2 days we raised more than $1000! If we keep it up at this pace, we’ll be to $5000 in no time! Thank you so much for your support.

Happy Birthday Lobster!

Today is my lobster Josh’s 28th birthday. Have you all seen the Friends episode where Phoebe says Ross is Rachel’s lobster (they join claws and mate for life)? That’s where the pet name comes from. But I digress. Aside from enjoying some Indian food and cheesecake with Josh’s sister, her husband, kids and family friend, today was mainly spent trying to recover from yesterday.

Let’s recap yesterday’s debauchery. My day started with an awesome 5k run around our neighborhood. I was only planning on doing a slow 2 mile run because it was my first run since the half last week. I was feeling so good at 2 miles; I decided I do 2.5 miles. When I hit 2.5 I was still just warming up, so I decided to just do the 3.1.

Time: 27:35        Distance: 3.1 miles (5K)         Avg. Pace: 8:54 min/mile
After cleaning up it was time to head to Fort Collins for the football game. Tailgating here we come.   A few things have changed since the college days. First of all were in the alumni parking lot not partying with the students on the other side of the stadium, we actually brought food with us, 1/2 of the group consists of married people and we actually paid for tickets. Otherwise it was a flashback to college.
Especially when this came out….

Yes that is a six person beer bong.  Yikes, I know.  Another way I can tell we’re not in college anymore…a few people did actually say, what about the Swine flu  while debating whether or not to drink from our old friend?  This was quickly followed by old school reasoning…the alcohol will kill it. 

Anyway, after a game of washers, eating and drinking we headed into the stadium. The Rammies were doing awesome and were even up by 14. All the ladies took turns being thrown in the air every time CSU scored. Not gonna lie, I don’t remember it being as scary when I used to be thrown in the air in college.  Either I’ve become a bigger wimp than I used to be or I didn’t have enough beer to make it seem like a good idea.  Regardless, by half time there was no more of this…they gave it away and ended up losing their 5th game in a row.

After some downtime at Kevin’s house it was time to hit Old Town. When we were in college, we would just walk or ride our cruisers down to Old Town and back. These days we don’t know anyone that actually lives in Old Town anymore so we had to pile into Russell’s big new truck and drive down there. Old Town is definitely one of the best things about Fort Collins. There is always something going on down there. From Brewfest to the Greek Festival that ran out of food the first day of it’s inaugural year.  Can you tell I miss living there?

Back to the debauchery. We tried to hit most of the old bars we frequented (that hadn’t closed down…Zydeco’s what’s up with that?), starting with the oldest and smallest bar in Fort Collins, Town Pump (Odells has a special brew you can only get in FoCo named after it) for jello shots and some booze soaked cherries…this pretty much sums it up.

From there it was off to Lucky Joe’s my favorite bar in the Fort for sure!  You could typically find us here on Saturday nights. 

I found myself looking around for people I may know, when I realized I don’t know a single person that is still going to school at CSU which is just crazy to me. 

While at Lucky Joe’s there were two different groups of people out celebrating their friends’ 21st birthdays.  I officially felt like an old chick at the bar especially when one of the birthday boys was like hey is that ring real? Are you married? I said yep and he was like wow, how old are you?  Like I was super old.  Sad…at least he didn’t call me ma’am like the girl at American Eagle a few months back.  That one hurt.

The Ladies
Liz, Jennell, Myself and Bronwyn
Josh and the Crazy Asian…aka Kevin
Me and Russell-Yes I realize I look naked but I swear I was wearing a shirt.
After a few peanut shells in my deliciously fresh Sunshine Wheat, we headed to a few other places including The Drunken Monkey which has swings for bar chairs:
After a pit stop at Jimmy John’s, it was time to call it a night. Once we were able to wrangle Josh and Jason we headed home. 
It was a great time, but now I remember why I don’t go out like this very often…ugh, the next day is awful.  Two naps later, I think we are just about recovered and ready to start the work week.  Hopefully this scratchy voice I’ve developed today will be back to normal tomorrow.

I hope you had a great birthday Josh. I love you!

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