Happy World Run Day!

Today is World Run Day. I had never heard of it until I was looking for a list of winter races on Active.com.  So of course being a t-shirt junkie and needing some extra motivation to get for a run longer than 4 miles this weekend, I signed up.  The website lists all of the participants all over the world. They ask that you commit to running a distance of your choice as well as donate to a charity. Well the charity of course is a no brainer for me….LLS.  So this morning I got myself up around 7 to start my prerun routine which includes PB&J toast as well as the morning news.  I’ve had a strange cramp in my calf for the past few days so I decided rather than getting stuck on the far side of MacIntosh Lake I’d just head to the gym.  That way if I couldn’t work it out I’d have other cardio options available.  I’m happy to say that I made it through all 7 miles easily.  I ran it at a nice easy pace.

Time: 68:43       Distance: 7 miles        Avg. Pace: 9:49 min/mile

It was a pretty good run even though it was on the dreadmill.  My longest run since 1/2 marathon 3 weeks ago and probably the longest run I’ll have few the next few weeks until training really kicks into gear.  Have a great rest of your weekend!

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