My Big Day Planner

I am super excited to let you all know that I am doing a little moonlighting on an awesome bridal event. My friend Tawsha, who I met through TNT last season, just published her wedding planning book, My Big Day Planner. A few months ago I put on my wedding dress again and posed for a few pictures for an ad she put on The Knot and The Wedding Channel websites. (See picture below) It was super fun. Anyway, back to the event.

The Wedding Preview Event, presented by My Big Day Planner, is going to be held in March in Denver. I’m going to be assisting Tawsha in the marketing and public relations aspects of the show. I’m really excited to get started and support her new business venture. I know that the event and Tawsha are going to be really successful! This preview event isn’t going to be like the bridal shows that I avoided like the plague while Josh and I were planning our wedding. Tawsha is hand selecting local Colorado businesses to participate. Each company will be filling out an application, from which Tawsha will choose the best of the best to represent their services at the event. There will only be one vendor for each service i.e. one photographer, one bridal salon, one caterer, etc.

On event day, each vendor will have a booth, but there is going to be so much more going on! There’s going to be a DJ playing awesome music and a dance floor where instructors will demonstrate their skills, and guests will be able to bust a move. There’s also going to a show displaying example weddings for each season. This is going to be an event where brides and their families will be able to get to know vendors and really get a great idea of what they want their wedding to be.

I’ll keep you all updated as we move along. Too bad the inaugural event wasn’t a year or two ago, I knew so many people getting married then! In the past 3 years we’ve been to more than a dozen weddings. So far this year, it seems there are only two on the horizon, including my friend Kailen that got engaged just about two weeks ago. Congrats again Kailen.:-)

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