Team Website and Shoe Clinic

You get to hear about me a lot on this blog, through my emails and facebook.  I was thinking that maybe you’d like to meet the rest of my team. Tawsha aka superwoman, setup a team web site. It has information about our fundraising events, individual team members, photos, etc.  If you’re ever interested go over and check it out. It is also where you can buy tickets to our events securely through PayPal.  Speaking of fundraising events, don’t forget to buy your tickets for the Winter Wonderland Event by Nov. 30th!

Last night we had our shoe fit clinic. We all headed to Road Runner in Westminster to have shoes fit just for us. They start by having you stand on a heat sensor.  Apparently I have super high arches, which don’t seem to fit will with my wide, Fred Flinestone feet…thanks Dad.  🙂 Then they have you jump on the treadmill to have you run for them.  The man on the left is Charlie, one of our awesome participants. The good news though is that my gait overpronation has gotten a lot better. I think that my stride must really be improving.  I tried on a few pairs of shoes even though my Asaics still have 100-200 miles left on them. I think next time I might try out some Sacounys.  They were super comfortable, more so than the new Asaic 2150.  Luckily, when I buy my next pair of shoes, I have a full 60 days to try them out.  If I don’t like them, I can take them back.  What a deal right?  It was really hard not to go a  little crazy buying all sorts of fun new winter gear, especially the beanie that has built in earphones.  Ah the temptation.  But being reasonable I reminded myself that I get hot and always end up taking my hat off mid-run.

I was happy to see that two of my three mentees were able to attend.  It was great talking to Aaron and Amanda again. They are such a cute couple.  They’re new to Colorado and are trying to meet some new people which is good because Josh and I could use some more friends that live in the Boulder/Longmont area.  They are really excited about training with TNT this season and are already thinking about switching to the Double Header (Canyonlands and Nashville) which would be awesome. Right now I am one of the only people training for Canyonlands and the Nashville Full Marathon. It would definitely be nice to have people to run with on my long runs.

Happy Friday Everyone! Have a great weekend.

P.S. Thanks Tom for being an awesomely supportive brother and donating another $50!  You rock.  I really appreciate you donating the money you work late nights slinging wing for.  See, even broke college students can spare some money, can’t you too?

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