One Run Down…

The season got off to a great start on Saturday.  The weather was beautiful, perfect for a long run…but we only did a 5k.  The team met at Bobolink Trail (who came up with that name?) in Boulder a little before 8am. A few people thought I was nuts for wearing capris and not pants, but I knew that by the time we were done it’d be about 40 degrees outside and I’d be hot in pants.  After some introductions and announcements from the coaches we were off!

I ran the first mile or so with Martha one of my mentees. She’s super nice and a great runner. She has an adorable 5 year old son.  I’m really looking forward to getting to know her more.  The next few miles I ran with Aaron and Amanda.  They are just super interesting. They met in language school in California and are both in the Air Force. Aaron speaks Hebrew and Amanda speaks Farci.  I told her that I’ll have to see if my uncle’s family with pratice speaking with her.  Here I thought my Italian lessons on CD were tough.  They are also great runners. They are even going to go for the Double Header with me this season. I’m super excited that my mentee group all runs about the same pace.  It’s so nice to have people to talk to when I run.  Plus, that gives us a lot of time to get to know eachother and me time to make sure that they are enjoying TNT

Just as I thought I was getting hot towards the end of the run.  I was ready to peel off my jacket but then realized once I had it off I’d probably get cold just standing and stretching.  I was really relieved that I was able to run without my IT band or hamstring hurting. I tweaked my hamstring just the tiniest bit at the gym last week.  I swear, if it’s not my knees, it something else. But that is why I’m definitely focusing on cross-training this season and really taking care of myself.

After our run we headed to a local coffee shop for a little chit chat.  Everyone on our team seems to be really excited about the season.  We are going to have a great season!  Maybe after a few weeks I’ll be able to talk more people into doing the Double Header.  Might be a bit of a stretch. 

I have to say one of my favorite parts of participating in TNT is meeting all these awesome people. I’ve talked to people and read the blogs of people that are or have participated in TNT before that only did the fundraising. Most of them didn’t go to the group runs of do anything of the actual team stuff. Granted, fundraising is the most important part but I just don’t think that they know how much they are missing out on. I mean really, why not have these awesome people to get to know and talk to on those long runs? Last January when I started my first season with TNT I never thought that 10 months later I’d be getting together with some of my teammates every Tuesday for dinner and The Biggest Loser. Or that I’d be working with Tawsha on her Wedding Preview Event. I’m so blessed to have gotten to know these awesome people and I can’t wait to get to know the new team.
After some lunch, a quick nap (I stayed up late watching movies with Rache and got up early) and some construction in our kitchen, Josh and I headed to the gym for another quick workout.  I’m totally not a two-a-day workout kind of girl but it felt really good!  I did 25 minutes on a bike, 10 minutes or so of abs and push-ups and a few other free weight exercises.  I think it really helped keep my muscles loose.  Plus, I burned lots of calories which let me indulge at Paul and Courtney’s holiday party later than night.

I hope you all had a good weekend!

P.S. Don’t forget to donate.  This is the last week for the t-shirt contest.  It’s between Nancy and Tom right now.

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