Huskers Win It Again

The Colorado-Nebraska game has become a yearly tradition for Josh and I.  We’ve gone to the game every since we started dating back in 2005.  This year the game was in Boulder at Folsom Field.  Tom, Margie, TJ, Josh and I all spent Thursday night at our house and woke up early to get ready for Game Day.  I was up at 7ish making pancakes for everyone.  After a quick stop at Walmart and the liquor store, we headed to Boulder.  We got a great tailgating spot right on campus around a bunch of other Huskers.  It was an absolutely beautiful day!  

Tom’s tiny little shirt that he’s proud of.  It is pretty funny.
This was Margie’s first Game Day experience so I took her around the parking lot to meet some of the other characters tailgating. Along the way we definitely found some characters. 
Of course we had to take a picture with Lil’ Red.  Check out the coolest way to get to the game and tailgate.  Where they got a hold of this ambulance I have no idea.
After a few hours it was time to head into the game. 

Thanks to TJ we had great seats!  We were right onthe 30 yard line 14 rows up.  We were surrounded by Buff fans but had two other Huskers right next to us. It was awesome being able to cheer for the Huskers in the midst of a bunch of Buff fans. 

We were two happy fans.  A lot of the CU fans left half way through the forth quarter when it was undeniable that the Huskers were going to win again. The final score was 28-20 Huskers.  It was a great game as it is every year. 
After the game a couple of middle aged men were apparently being extremely sore losers.  I was just standing at my seat and one pushed me as he walked by.  I have a nice little bruise on the back of my left from it.  Josh of course told him not to push his wife and the guy grabbed Josh’s shirt and started pushing. At this point a bit of a brawl broke out and some nearby fans had to pull these two bg guys off of Josh.  I mean really, it was completely uncalled for. I hadn’t done anything to either one of the guys. What’s worse is that another CU fan and his wife walked by and said it was my fault because we were in their house.  Really?  It’s ok to push women around in Boulder.  Awesome.  Shows yet once again how classless CU fans are.  It’s no wonder why the Boulder Police department has to send out memos and such to tell the fans how to behave at games.
Luckily, the police caught up with these two assholes at the top of the stairs. I gave a statement as did a few other surrounding fans.  As it turns out one of the guys that was involved was an off-duty police officer.  Way to represent the Boulder force.  They were ticketed and were able to leave. I hope they get in trouble.  That pretty much ruined the rest of my night but at least we were able to enjoy the game.
Go Huskers!

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