It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Since Thanksgiving has now come and gone, it’s time to move immediately to Christmas of course.  Josh and I have started to try to have our own holiday traditions that we do every year.  His family likes to sing Christmas songs every Sunday during Advent, but since I’m not much of a singer, I’m not so hot on that tradition. One tradition we can on are Christmas cookies and A Year Without a Santa Claus.  After putting up our tree (we really need to collect some more ornaments), drapping our stairs with garland and hanging up the wreath outside it was time to get to the good stuff. 

Mmmmmmmmm sugar cookies.  When I was little my brother Tom and I always made sugar cookies with Grandma Walker.  Decorating of course was second only to eating as many as we could.  RedHots always topped the trees and there were plenty of sprinkles to go around.  Tom usually licked his finger and touched every cookie he could until I pushed him away.  No one wants Tom cooties on their cookies.  Haha. 

I’ve found that things don’t change all that much.  Josh and I both ate dough as we cutout our Christmas trees, snowmen and stars.  Letting them cool was so hard!  To keep my occupied, I sang along to A Year Without a Santa Claus.  The Heatmizer and Snowmizer are my favorite!  Once the cookies were cooled, we quickly frosted and decorated them mainly so we could eat them finished product.  As you can tell we don’t have the Martha Stewart touch.  So delicious…in fact I think I need to eat one right now.

Now that I’ve enjoyed my cookie back to business.  Every year Longmont has an outdoor ice skating rink in the Pavillion at Roosevelt Park.  Finally after two years we made it over to the rink.  Now the last time I went ice skating was with Jess Cutler during Greek Week my freshman year of college.  We went to every single event that week so that we could earn housing points for room selection. As it turns out we had tons of fun doing them all.  Ice skating was a lot more difficult than I remembered and Jess and I fell on our butts more than once.  This time I was a little more graceful though both skates stayed on the ice at all times.  Josh did his best figure skater impression.  We pretty much has the entire rink to ourselves which was really nice.  Neither one of us fell down…I don’t think my already sore butt could have taken a fall. 

What a great way to start off the Christmas season.  After ice skating we went for some Italian food…Italy is so close!  Off to make dinner and head to the gym for an interval workout. 

One thought on “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

  1. Yeay for ice skating! I think I’ve been one whole time since that great week also. Jimi and I went once. It’s fun huh? It hurts my ankles a lot though so not a great thing to do while training. I am enjoying reading your blog about training! One day we’ll race together!

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