Vegas Baby Vegas

I made it to Vegas and I’m exhausted. The past few days have been super busy. Once I got here on Friday I checked into the hotel and headed straight the convention center for setup. Here’s a little peek at my room.

and the view:

Pretty nice huh? After a long day of setup and traveling I was exhausted. I thought I’d just take a nap and head out with the guys from Condit. My body thought that I needed sleep. I layed down at 8:30 and work up the next morning. Oops.

The next day started early. I knew I had a sixty minute long run to do so I got up early to hit the gym. The gym at The Bellagio is bigger than the gym Josh and I go to in Longmont. It was pretty nice, but I have to say it was the bathroom area that impressed me the most. I’ll take a picture so that you can see it. I mean it should be nice since it costs $25/day.

Time: 60 minutes Distance: 6 miles Avg. Pace: 10 min/miles

As soon as I finished my run it was time to shower and head to the convention center for a few more hours of setup. I have to say our booth looks pretty awesome. I forgot my camera this morning but I’ll take pictures tomorrow.

Jim and Nancy arrived late Friday night for the marathon. I met up with them at Excalibur for a pre-marathon carb loading dinner. I’m pretty sure I ate more than the people running the marathon tomorrow. Apparently I need to carb load for the trade show and all of the walking I’ve been doing. I think I’ve been averaging about 4-5 miles/day since I arrived.

The next morning I met Jim to cheer on Nancy while she ran the marathon. We saw here at mile 3 or so and then not again until she turned the corner towards mile 26. She did awesome! She had no problem qualifying for Boston again. Her official time was 4 hours 12 minutes and 20 seconds. I hope that I can become as great a marathon runner as she is. She should be really proud of herself! Josh and I decided that we’ll be going to Boston to cheer her on when she conquers the Boston Marathon.

Off to bed, I’m tired and gearing up for the first day of the show.

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