Wedding Industry Happy Hour

I’ve decided that every Monday should end with cocktails, cheese and cupcakes.  What is better to end the second to worst day of the week?  You may ask, what’s the worst day if it’s not Monday…why Tuesday of course. It’s like a repeat of Monday but worse because you’re not significantly closer to the weekend.  Anyway, I met Tawsha and Heather to head down to a wedding industry cocktail hour at Baur’s downtown.  We were the first to arrive and immediately ordered drinks and determined the best table to sit at for optimal networking opportunities.  Tall bar tables are always the best choice because people can stand or sit and not feel like they are looking down or up at your.  Write that down.

People started filtering in shortly and the networking began. I met all sorts of awesome people, even one who works fashion week and got to oil up the male models…that’s hot.  I even saw Alaneyer who worked with Josh and I on the catering for our wedding.  I did my best to talk up My Big Day Planner and get Tawsha, who is actually shy on occasion, to loosen and not feel intimidated.  It amazing how many different wedding vendors there are. A lot of them I remember from when Josh and I were selecting ours a while back. 

Check out this little piece of heaven.  This snowman was probably one of the most delicious sweets I’ve ever had.  Chocolate cake mixed with cream cheese, covered in white chocolate and topped off with a Rolo.  I ate every single sinful bite.  We had these thanks toRachael who owns Intricate Icings in Erie.  Mmmmmmmmmm.  That was just the top of the sweets tower. I probably over indulged a bit.  Lots of cheese and finger foods that Footers Catering provided.  Everything was delicious and it was awesome getting my feet wet in my first official networking event for My Big Day Planner.

Few things I learned, when drinks and food are involved, people will come.  Drinks also lesson the tension for vendors in the same area and everyone can be friends.  Lastly, Twitter is the new Trekkie club. OMG, most of the people had to introduce themselves by the Twitter name last night. It was hilarious.  Everyone new eachother but were strangers.  Now I have not joined the cult yet, but obviously it’s awesome for networking and meeting new people.  Since Tawsha is already all over it for MBDP, I’m going to go ahead and let her have at it. Maybe I’ll snoop around sometime.

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