Procrastination at it’s Best

The time is now 2:33 pm and I have yet to pack a single thing for our trip.  We leave early on Friday morning and the last thing I want to do right now is pack.  I’m dreading the process.  Just look at the huge pile of laundry I just finished.  Would you want to tackle that?  Yeah, me either.  If I just keep procrastinating maybe it will magically be put away and my backpack all packed or maybe Lucky will put it all away for me.  A girl can dream right?

So here’s what’s left to get done before we leave on Friday:

-PACK-Now I just have to figure out what to bring. I don’t want to look like a sloppy American but want to be comfy.
-Pack up Lucky for the kennel and Hil’s house. Drop him at Happy Tails.  (Never thought I’d miss a dog, but how can you not love this face?)

-Gather gifts and such for dinner at Shana’s house on Christmas Eve
-Fit in a 75 minute run (Probably on the dreadmill since it’s still snowing outside.)
-Return memory sticks to Wolf Camera
-Enjoy the ride to Italy.

Sounds managable right?  Hopefully I won’t be up super late tonight.  On a positive note, my cold is almost gone!  I’ve now gone an entire hour minute without coughing.

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