The Leaning Tower of Pisa

So there is this town, between Florence and Cinque Terre called Pisa. You may have heard of it.  It’s known for it’s Leaning Tower.  Pisa was never really on our priority list of places to see in Italy, but we figured since we  had to change trains there we may as well cruise on over to the tower.

After changing out tickets to the later train (that’s a story in itself), we had about 45 minutes to get to the tower and back in order to make the train.  Now most travel books say it is about a half hour walk both ways.  We’re pretty fast walkers so we thought we’d be just fine…

Anyway, we speed walked/ran to the tower. Once we got to the tower it was all business.  Obligatory holding the tower up and pushing it down pictures.

Yep, still leaning.  Not as much as it used to I’ve heard though because they’ve done something about the shifting soils.  We basically ran back to the train station…we missed our train by 1 minute.  Just 60 seconds and we would have been on our way to Cinque Terre.

Nope, it was train station pizza (yuck!) and another hour to wait until the next train.  As you can tell Josh was not very happy.  Pisa was nice enough, but I would not recommend more than an afternoon trip there.

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