Who Wants Bologna?

No not the meat, but the city.  It is where the meat was invented though.  Delta Airlines was kind enough to cancel our original flight home so we had an extra day to kill before we headed to Venice. We checked out the trains and decided, hey why not check out Bologna, the books said we’d have great food so we were for it. 

We walked for like 15 minutes with our backpacks on through the crowded shopping area when we spotted a hotel.  We were so sick of carrying our huge bags we decided their single room would work for us.  After all the twin bed was a bit wider than usual.  Are you having a flashback to college? Yeah we did too.

See it doesn’t look so bad does it?  (It really was bigger than it seemed.)

We really had no idea what the sites to see in the city were. So I made a quick list from our Lonely Planet book and with help from the concierge we were on our way.

Here are a few of the highlights (no I don’t remember any of the names and am entirely too lazy to look them up.)

Josh thought it was hilarious that the women in the fountain had water shooting out of their nipples. 

Walking around really made us hungry which meant one thing…gelato.  Our book said that there was a gelateria that won an international award for its delicious cold treat so of course, that was the only place to go.  It seemed like we walked forever and I thought about turning around, but right then we stumbled across it.
You’re drooling aren’t you? It’s ok to admit it.  Just make sure you don’t get it on your keyboard.  We don’t want a short circuit.
At this point I was tired. We headed to the hotel for a quick nap and then off to dinner.  We really picked a good hotel, because the oldest, so Lonely Planet said, restaurant in Bologna was just around the corner-Trattoria de la Rosso.
I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about the great food, but this was seriously the best lasagna I’ve ever had.  It was really nothing like the American Italian kind. It was so delicious.
I was so sad when it was gone.  But not to worry, I had some delicious tortellini with bolognese sauce. Also mouthwatering and nothing like it’s American counterpart.  We really needed to work off some of the food, so of course we went for a beer and then for a stroll around.
As you will see, the Italians have a big problem with leaning towers.
I’m glad we stopped in Bologna. It was a pretty cool city, but I was ready to head to the sinking city of Venice. 

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