Quick Fundraising Update

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about fundraising. Mainly because it hasn’t gone as well this season. No matter how many emails or letters I send, how many times I post it on Facebook…nothing.  I can’t even get anyone to respond to Evites. If you can’t go, just tell me but at least respond.

As of today there is just over $2800 in my account. Now that is nothing to sneeze at but this close to my race I should already be at my goal.  Josh and I made a hefty donation to help me out…$400. Thanks to Amgen’s matching program, $800 will be arriving in my account shortly.  That is about double the amount I should have matched when I was doing my own donation matching campaign.  I know times are tough but it’s so frustrating. 

A few weeks back we had an awesome wine tasting event. The event raised a little more than $10,000 I believe.  Thanks to Ryan and Claire, Rache, my dad and Liz, Josh’s coworker, coworker Lisa and her husband Roland and my coworker Bob and a group of his friends, I was able to sell 15 tickets which helped me raise $450 to put towards my goal.  With the profit from the silent auction portion, I have an additional $520 to deposit in my account.  Thank goodness for this event otherwise I’d be in a total panic about raising enough to meet my minimum to attend Nashville.

I’m not trying to whine, because I know many of my friends and family supported me last year by donating, but come on, everyone has $10.  Cancer doesn’t wait. I’m not asking for anyone to donate to Josh and I’s personal checking account.

If you’re still intersted in donation you can always visit my website: http://pages.teamintraining.org/rm/dhmomu10/jvankirk.  This is going to be my last season with TNT for a little while so I want to make it count!  I’m doing the hard part, the training, all you have to do is donate to help those cancer patients, current and future.

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