Moab Here We Come

On Monday night we had our official send-off meeting.  This is when we pick up our bright purple TNT singlets and get our tickets for all the weekend events.  Some people decorate their singlets at this time, but I can never find enough letters to spell my name so I figure I’ll just use my foam letters from last year to spruce it up. Maybe at some puff paint at a later date…we shall see. I’m not very good with stuff like that.  Anyway here’s what’s on tap for the weekend:

Wednesday-PACK. I hate packing and I always leave it until the last moment.  Here’s my list of things not to forget:

1. Running shoes…I know this barefoot running thing is the latest phenomena but I’m not into it.  Definitely don’t want to forget these babies.

2. Running skirt, TNT singlet, sports bra and socks.  Can’t run without any of those things.  I suppose I could but it probably wouldn’t be very attractive.

3. Body glide, gels, fuel belt and kinesio tape.  Body Glide is an amazing deodorent looking stick that works wonders. I put it on the tips of my toes, the inside of my arms and thighs…anywhere that might be prone to chaffing.  As I learned last weekend I also need to put it on the side of my hips because apparently my running skirt has either stretched or I’ve gotten smaller and it rubs.  Booo.  The rest is typical long run gear.

4. Garmin and iPod. Both will be charging up all night so they have full power. I don’t want to have a dead iPod like I did at the Denver Half.  I downloaded some new music last weekend to keep me pumped up. 

5. Two packets of regular instant oatmeal, cinnamon and brown sugar.  A bowl and a spoon would probably be helpful too.  Never eat anything new on race day, so I’m bringing it with me. Lucky for me our room has a microwave.

6. Tickets for the TNT events.  Can’t get in without them.

Thursday: Drop Lucky off at Happy Tails and head up to Vail.  We’re planning (well if Josh calls and gets the ok) to drive up to Vail on Thursday night and staying with friends.  With the whole I-70 rock slide debacle we don’t want to have a super long ride on Friday.  Plus it’s supposed to snow on Friday and I’d like to be as close to Moab as possible before that moves in.

Friday: Arrive in Moab!  Yeay!  We’ll check into the hotel and Josh was leave to go for a ride.  He’s really looking forward to it but I can tell he’s kind of bummed that Colin is running on Saturday and won’t be riding with him.  I have a lot to do on Friday.  Pick up all of my stuff at the expo and pick up some free swag.  Love the expos before a race!  After the expo it will be time to start getting ready for the Inspiration Dinner.

The Inspiration Dinner is awesome. In Seattle, the Penguin, who wrote for Runner’s World forever, spoke and was hilarious.  We also had cancer survivors speak, the head of the Competitor Group and the head of LLS.  Pretty freaking fantastic, inspirational and emotional.  The Rocky Mountain Chapter is the only TNT chapter at this race so it will be substantially smaller.  After the dinner I’ll probably head back to the room to relax and lay out all of my clothes and gear.  I’m neurotic and must have everything layed out on the floor and ready to go before race morning.

Saturday: Race Day!  The race doesn’t start until 10am but they have to bus all 4,000 participants up the canyon. So we are meeting at 7 am to take off.  That’s going to mean at least 2 hours standing in a cold canyon.  At least that gives me time to hit the porta-potty at least half a dozen times which seems to be the norm for me on race day.  Hopefully I’ll have a fantastic race and breeze through the finish line around 12:30.  Since it’s a mass start, I figure it will be a long slow walk across the line and a lot of weaving in the first few miles. 

After the race I’ll definitely be hitting the TNT tent to get my PB&J and the after race expo to grab some more swag.  That evening we have our Victory Party. It’s at the Chuckwagon Bar and is a country themed party. It should be a fantastically cheesy time. Josh isn’t going because he’s going to hang with Colin and Rachel. I’ll be meeting them for drinks after enjoying some BBQ and maybe a little line dancing.

Sunday: We head home. Hopefully we’ll get to enjoy some breakfast at the Jailhouse Cafe before we leave town.  I will surely be packed especially since it was just featured on MSN’s Best Breakfast Restaurants in the USA.  I’m willing to wait for some deliciousness though.

Busy busy busy. Unfortunately we probably won’t make it back up to the Delicate Arch where Josh proposed on this trip, but I’m sure we’ll head back to Moab in the near future. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to get some sleep before the weekend hits.  I’m wiped.

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