On the Road Again

Thursday was busy busy. As soon as I got home from work, I packed the last of the things I had forgotten to pack Wednesday night, dropped off Lucky and waited for Josh to get home. As soon as he got home it was time to load the car and get on the road.

We had a slight change of plans with our overnight accomodations when TJ told Josh that his roommate’s parents had come into town. Not to worry, I found the cheapest hotel possible for us to stay in so that we weren’t sleeping on a floor.  That would just not have been pleasant. 

We arrived at our hotel or maybe it was more of a motel since you can park and walk into your room around 10ish? Anyway, we stayed at the Rodeway Inn in Glenwood Springs which yes, did advertise that they have HBO on their sign (eating my words).  It wasn’t actually all that bad. I mean it could have used some updating and some new carpet, but the beds were fairly comfortable and we had cable so you know, it worked. When we got up in the morning we were so glad that we decided to head up the night before. While Denver was being hit by the snow storm, we were enjoying our free breakfast the next morning…good old waffles or pastries.

After breakfast we hit the road.  Just a few hours later we arrived in Moab and to rain and hail.  Yes the weather was lovely.  We discovered two things, Zax Pizza aka Woody’s only serves breakfast until 11:30 and there is absolutely no checking in early at the Ramada Inn.  Ugh. I was so irritated.  To kill some time we hit a bike store and the hardware store for Josh to buy a new lock (we found out later he had brought his). By the time this was done we were able to get some lunch…yeay for salad bars and pizza.

After lunch I drove Josh up to a trail for him to do some biking. We had to wait out the hail for a few then he was on his way.   I hit the expo while he was riding…not impressed.  Now I know Canyonlands is a small race but I was really disappointed with the expo. There were like two sponsors there and basically just bins of clothes that some stores were trying to get rid of. I did score some new TYR goggles for $6 which was exciting.  Dayglow shirt and hat in hand, as well as my reusable gear check bag, I drove the race course.

Amazing isn’t it?

Finally we were able to check in and head out to the Inspiration Dinner.  I was charged with leading all of the participants to the dinner. And lead I did…literally. It was like playing follow the leader in kindergarten. You would think that someone would walk with me, but nope, they all stayed behind me.  It was weird.  We got there and they were all cheered in!  Nice plate of pasta later we got to hear some facts about how much work we’ve done this season, how many calories we’ve burned (over a million), and how much money we’ve raised (just this group $73,000).  Once Ashley was done speaking one of our honored heroes spoke to us about her battle and thanked us for our hard work.  As everything concluded we took team photos and we went home.

Of course I laid everything out and was able to get a great night of sleep thanks to Advil PM. Lifesaver!

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