Recovery and Lessons Learned

I don’t know if it was the downhill or that I ran the half faster than I normally do for that distance and on cement, but my legs were actually sore. It was so strange.  I didn’t exercise on Sunday since we were in the car and then running errands all afternoon, but I did hop on a stationary bike on Monday which really made my legs feel much better.  My ankle hurts but what else is new?

So you know how I said that you should never wear anything new on race day?  I didn’t follow my own advice. I sported Josh arm sleeves and I’m paying for it. It chaffed the crap out of me. I have two nice scabs near my armpits.  They hurt so bad pretty much every time I move my arms by my body.  Point made body, I will never wear anything new on race day again.

Also nice are my now, two purple toenails.  My second toe curls over and I lost that toenail last season. I wasn’t surprised to see it trying to come off again. I think my third toe’s nail is coming off because at the start of the race I couldn’t feel my feet so I’m sure I was digging it into my shoe and didn’t even realize it.  Oh well, badges of honor right?  At Josh’s request I did buy some new polish to paint them…they do look pretty bad.

When I went to the gym I did sport my new Canyonlands Half Marathon shirt.  Maybe the color isn’t that bad when not wearing the hat at the same time…it’s still pretty ugly though.

Don’t you think?  Yikes on a side note my thigh looks huge in the picture…eek.

On my way out of the gym I had a complete stranger tell me how awesome it was that I just ran a half marathon. When I told him I had a full to go next month he said he thought that was amazing. It was kind of nice to hear.

It’s snowing like mad so I’m not going to the gym.  It took me nearly two hours to get home from work and it’s just not worth going out in the weather for. Hopefully tomorrow night I’ll be able to get in a great workout.

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