Stormy Day Apology

This was on the Nashville website:

Stormy Day Apology
by Country Music Marathon

April 28, 2010

Helping you successfully complete the Country Music Marathon or Half Marathon had been both a goal of yours and ours for several months leading into last weekend’s event. Unfortunately, the severe weather predicted during the days leading up to race day prevented us from helping most marathoners attain that goal.

Due to severe weather in Nashville on race day, marathoners were asked to divert from the course and were unable to complete the full 26.2 miles. While we understand how disappointing it was for all parties involved, this decision was made in the best interest and safety of the participants, volunteers, and spectators.

We apologize for the disappointment experienced on race day and hope that you understand how difficult of a decision it was for our organization. In the end, as lightning flashed throughout the greater downtown region throughout the morning and afternoon, we are confident the right decision was made.

Once again, we apologize for the unfortunate events of this past weekend and look forward to seeing you on the road again in the coming months.

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I appreciate the apology and I think they did the right thing, but ugh, still heartbreaking. So I checked out my time…had I not walked the last several miles and stopped stretching I would have beaten my Seattle time. UGH. 

More on what I’ve decided to do coming soon!

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