Yoga Challenge: Week One Down

The first week of the challenge is over and I’m feeling good!  It feels so good to sweat at yoga.  It’s probably the only place you’ll catch me working out in tiny little shorts and my sports bra.  If women older than me and in far worse shape than me can sport it, so can I.  Plus the room has lighting that make my abs look pretty awesome…you know like existent.  Here’s how the first week went:

Saturday-Bikram + 35 mins on Elliptical + weights/abs
Sunday-Bikram + 40 mins on Stationary Bike + weights/abs
Tuesday-50 mins on Elliptical + weights/abs

Six classes down, 19 to go to get the biggest discount on next months membership.  I can already tell I’m becoming more flexible which is awesome.  My legs are also getting stronger because those standing balance postures are killer.  Hopefully this will help me with running as well. I’m sure it will feel amazing after runs…once I can actually run again. The ankle is still hurting. I tried a couple steps running, shooting pain plus a few days of hobbling around. Note to self: call to get an PT appointment ASAP. 

Anyway, I took before measurements to see if I lose any inches by the end of the month as well as pictures. So the pictures are awful…I’m way too pale and they just look like crap so I’m not putting those up, but I will post my pre-Bikram measurements later this week. I don’t think I’ll really lose any weight, I’m not really trying to, but I do think I’ll be more toned than I am currently.  Toning, relaxation and injury healing are the primary goals. Though I wouldn’t mind looking like this.

Jason Update: He’s in stable but critical condition. They were having issues controlling his brain swelling so they did a craniotomy to give his brain room to expand.  A CT last week indicated that he does not have brain damage right now but they will be repeating those tests this week to figure out what his long term brain function may be like. Keep thinking of him.  If you’re interested in checking on his condition, Rache is running this website.

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