I Miss Running

As of today, it’s been 18 days since I’ve run. It’s the longest I’ve gone without running since June of 2009 when I took time off to let my tendonitis in my knees heal.  Of course I knew that I needed to take time off. My calf and ankle still hurt. I’m pretty sure that my ankle hurts because of a stress fracture, otherwise it should be healed by now.  Ugh, as the weather gets nicer more people are outside hitting the pavement and I envy them. I am ready to at least have the option to run.  Not even having the option is what’s really getting to me. 

Plan of action: get into PT as soon as possible. Get back into my icing and foam rolling regiment.  Continue with yoga and cross-training so I don’t lose every ounce of fitness I have. I realize that it’s going to be hard running again and that I’ve probably lost some speed. I don’t even care (ok I care a little bit), I just want to run!  I want to run so badly that I’m actually seriously thinking about pool running for fun.  To answer your question, yes I may have gone crazy. 

Since I’m all registered for the Denver Marathon, I have started looking at training plans. I think I’m going to stick to a 3-4 day/week running plan with yoga, pool running and other cross-training.  I’ll definitely do speed workouts at least once a week. I figure if I do a 16 week plan, I have until mid-late June to get my ankle/calf situation under control.  I’ve decided the Bolder Boulder is out, which totally sucks, but there are tons of other smaller and less expensive races out there this summer. 

One of these days I’d like to be able to train and get through a marathon without injury. A girl can dream right?  Here’s what my workouts have looked like so far this week. Sticking with the challenge!

Saturday-20 mins bike + 25 mins Elliptical +abs
Sunday-50 mins Elliptical + Bikram
Monday-60 mins Elliptical + Bikram

Oh and you should totally check out this marathon recap from Beth who also happens to live in Longmont. She had to withdrawl from a race last year because of injury. She came back from that and totally rocked the Colorado Marathon.  She’ll be joining Nancy (MIL) in Boston next year.  If she can do it, I can too right?

Update: PT appointment made. Next Wednesday at 4:30 pm.  Done and done.  Hopefully I’ll get some good advice on what I can do to expedite recovery and when it’s safe for me to start running again.

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