I Ran!!!

That’s right, I ignored advice of the doctor and my own better judgement and ran.  I smiled the entire time too!  Friday afternoon I was heading to the gym before yoga and decided you know what I should try it out.  The first few steps on the treadmill sent shooting pain up my calf but once I got in my groove I was ok.  I ran an easy four miles before I decided I should not push myself right out of the gate.

Time: 40 minutes    Distance: 4 miles    Avg. Pace: 10 min/miles

Not too shabby considering I haven’t run in more than a month.  Now, several days later I’m still hurting though. My ankle hurts every time I walk.  I’ve made the executive decision to skip the MRI and just start intensive physical therapy.  I didn’t really like the orthopedic surgeon at all and I don’t really feel the need to work with him or spend money on the MRI if he thinks it’s just tendonitis. 

Hopefully I can get into PT before I leave for Tampa on Saturday afternoon so we can get this show on the road.  My month of yoga also ended this weekend….it did not go out with a bang but more on that later.

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