What a weekend and training

This was a busy weekend and it flew right by.  Highlight of the weekend…of course other than seeing Maegan be so happy saying I Do to Ahearn…running! Yes, that’s right, I ran again. I knocked out 6 miles at a 10 minute pace. My ankle hurt, it felt like a constant pinching sensation but I did not once have shooting pain up the side of my leg or my shin.  I’m jonesing for some speed work but know that I need to not push too far too fast. I think I may even try to do a short 3-4 miles tonight after work. For now I’m sticking to the dreadmill because it has some play to it which helps reduce the hard impact. 

On the running note, now that I’m running, well kind of, I’m starting to think about marathon training plans. I’m going to create my own using a hybrid of a couple of different plans.  I’m going to refer to my TNT schedule from last season (abbreviated since I will not be training for 19 weeks this time), the Hal Higdon plan and Runner’s World’s Less is More. I think running three-four days is the most my body can handle for training. I’m definitely going to continue crosstraining as well. I cannot wait to get my orthoditics and get out there. I refuse to train for a marathon on the dreadmill!

Back to the weekend, Saturday we watched the USA vs. England World Cup game with Ryan and Claire. I decided I liked the game because there were zero commericals until the half and there was always action going on. It was kind of anti-climatic without a winner though.  After that we headed to Denver for Maegan and Ahearn’s wedding. She got the same crappy weather or her wedding day that we did. Boo. But it was nice anyway. We caught up with some of my sorority sisters I hadn’t seen in years!

Sunday we did an Indian cooking class. Needless to say we were stuffed when we got home!  If anyone is interested in going to the class in August, let me know! It’s only $18 and you get tons of food. I bought a cook book and am ready to try making some of my own Indian food at home.

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