The Results are In

Tendonitis. Yep, still tendonitis. I’m happy that it’s not a stress fracture that’s for sure, but come on. Who has tendonitis after not running for over a month? This girl!  Plan of action: physical therapy at least once a week, custom orthoditics and ice on a regular basis. Oh yes and tylenol. Definitely lots of tylenol before running. IB Profin after.  Basically they don’t know why I’m continuing to have pain. My deltoid tendon is irritated but that shouldn’t be causing continuous pain. Ugh, so irritating.

And just like that, I’m giving myself permission to start training. It’s going to be slow and steady. I’ve definitely lost conversation pace speed, but that’s ok. I’m going to start off with the three day a week plan.  After a few weeks or a month if I’m feeling good, I’ll start adding in speed and tempo workouts.  So happy I don’t have to be in a boot!

Look out trails of Boulder County, I’m coming for you!

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