How do you spend a warm, summery Friday afternoon in Longmont? Throwing back a few beers at our local brewery, Lefthand.  It was really busy when we pulled up which isn’t unusual for a nice afternoon, but when we walked in we were in for more than we thought.  As it turns out they were hosting a Hair4Hunger fundraiser and silent auction for Our Center.  Our Center is a local organization that works to help people with disabilities and/or limited means to become self-sufficient.  They provide hot meals, clothes, child care, and more.  We’re always up for supporting charitable causes so we bid on half a dozen silent auction items and went along our way. 

Once we got our beers we decided to check out the commotion on the patio.  There were three or four hair salons out there doing people’s hair. Now they weren’t doing nice, stylish dos, they were competing to create the biggest, prettiest and most zannie styles.  Josh volunteered my head for some wacky hair.  For a small donation of $5 I got this rocking style.  It’s totally me don’t you think?

Yep, I think I’m going to go out on the town like this from now on. 

Brenna arrived and she got hers done too.  Pretty pretty princess for beer drinkers.  Unfortunately we were runners up in the contest, but it was fun anyway.  As it turns out our luck was better in the silent auction.  We won two private pilates sessions, a few acupunture appointments, a haircut and deep conditioning treatment at BeauImage and a month of yoga compete with a yoga mat and t-shirt at Solar Yoga.  I’d say we made out pretty well. Not gonna lie, we were both relieved we didn’t also win the DQ cake and keg of beer. 

It was an unexpected and super fun evening.  Now how do I get my hair back to normal?

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