Orthotics. They’re not just for old people.

Yesterday I got fit for my customized orthotics. I cannot wait until they’re ready!  Bob, the owner of my physical therapy practice worked with me to determine what I needed. He had me run on the dreadmill for a few minutes to see my gait in my running shoes. Then he had me lay on my stomach so that he can play with my sweaty feet. He said mine were nothing compared to the ones he used to work on while he was with the CU athletic department.  He drew on my a little bit and was happy to see that my feet line up with with my calf.  My problem is that my foot is just deformed.  Haha. Not really but it isn’t shaped quite right for it to land in line with the rest of my body while I run…or even walk.

My new orthotics will add some padding under my toes on the rightside of my right foot as well as some support near the back of my arch. He said that he is confident that having these orthotics will help me run pain-free.  That was music to my ears! He was also nice enough to temporarily adjust my shoe to hold me over until the orthotics come in.

After the gait analysis and fitting it was time for my weekly PT session. It was the first session in a long time that I almost teared up doing therapy.  My tendons and shins have all sorts of knots and build-up. Every time Ryan hit certain spots on my ankle and shin my entire leg started shaking it hurt so bad.  Needless to say I was not going to be running last night. I’m hoping to get in a good run this weekend. I’m still super sore from PT yesterday and meeting Tawsha for a cocktail tonight so I think I’m taking the night off. It’s about time, I haven’t taken a day off since last week some time.

Oh and it looks like Josh may have gotten pink-eye. Flashback to preschool right?

One thought on “Orthotics. They’re not just for old people.

  1. Great post! Gait analysis is highly recommended for everyone. Even if you are not an athlete a gait analysis can highlight biomechanical abnormalities which may be causing aches and pains whilst weight baring and non-weight baring. From the results of a gait analysis a Podiatrist can prescribe custom orthotics which are as unique as your fingerprint for each specific patient.

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