Rolling with it

This week I found out my friend Heather is getting married! Yeay! She met her fiance Dan just a few months before Josh and I started dating at a house party we went to. I remember going back to the sorority house that night and talking about that cute guy she met. Last year they had their beautiful daughter Kylie and unfortunately I was unable to go to her baby shower since she lives in Boise…sad. Needless to say as soon as I got the date for her wedding I booked my flight to Boise!  I’ll be heading there the weekend of Sept. 17-19th…yep the weekend after getting back from Europe. I’m going to be one tired chica.  It’s also the same weekend as the Crossroads Half Marathon.  As excited as I was about the race, Heather’s wedding is way more important.  So my next half won’t be until October.

Last night I took to creating a training plan for myself with thoughts of training for the Arizona Rock N’ Roll Marathon which is in January.  Not that I really want to go support the state of Arizona and their ridiculous, racial profiling, anti-immigration law, but it’s an available winter marathon. Anyway, it’s that or Vegas which is in December but I won’t have vacation time until the start of the new year.  So I set out to create a training plan which is almost done. Heather just ran her first half so we’ll see if I can talk her into heading to Phoenix for the race with me. My plan is based off of the Runner’s World Less is More plan which has only 3 days of running. One speed workout, tempo run, and long run. It’s all about quality and not quantity which works well for me. I’m also going to continue to cross-train and take a couple rest days per week.  We’ll see how it goes.

Josh and I ran around our neighborhood last night. I have to say it was not my finest run.  It was only 3 miles but felt like eternity. It was my first outside run since Nashville and I could feel it. The treadmill is awesome because it keeps you at a steady pace. Last night my pace was all over the place. I ran as slow as 10 min/mile pace all the way up to 8:43 min/mile pace. Yeah, all over the place and panting the entire way. I’m not sure if Lucky’s tongue or mine was hanging out further.  I felt so out of shape. Of course Josh was there to remind me that I’ve been injured and I’m out there doing it. It’s going to take a little while for me to regain all my fitness. At least that is two runs this week for a total of 7 whole miles. Haha. I’m considering trying to get in a run early early tomorrow morning before we head to the lake but I’d have to be out the door at like 5, not sure that’s going to happen.

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