Not Ready for That

I had this ingenious plan to do my ‘long’ run for the week last night since we’ll be spending 14 hours in the car this weekend. Lucky for me, the run was only 6 miles. I’m doing two weeks of mileage build up with a week of ‘taper’ following the next cycle. Worked really well for Nashville so I’m doing it again.

We didn’t get home from signing our new car loan until 6:30 which meant we weren’t done with dinner until 7:30. If I was going to fit in an hour long run I needed to get my butt in gear and get over to the gym. Bad plan #1.

So I get to the gym and start running at a comfortable 10 min/mile pace. But one mile in I decided to make this run a tempo which is what I would normally do on one of my weekday runs.  Bad plan #2. I was not ready for a 6 mile long tempo run.

The first few miles were fine. I got to 2.5 miles though and the brat I had just eaten decided to get it’s revenge. Yep, hop off the treadmill and get to the bathroom asap.  Back running again I got the next mile and a half or so down, started feeling nauseated. Awesome.

I paused the dreadmill at this point, drank some water and gave myself a little pep talk instead of telling myself I sucked at running and it’s pathetic that this run is so hard for me. After all this was no problem at all a few months ago. Boo.

I finally finished the run. It felt like it took FOR-EV-ER. It was not my best plan ever to do this as a tempo run. Definitely going to hold off a little longer before doing a tempo longer than 4 miles…at least for a few more weeks.


Time: 56:20    Distance: 6 miles    Avg. Pace: 9:23 min/mile
2 miles @ 10 min/mile pace   4 miles @ 9:05 min/mile pace*

*Yeah had I been actually thinking I’d have done 2 mile warm-up, 2 mile tempo, 2 mile cooldown.

Legs are a bit sore today but I’m pretty sure it’s from my intense deep tissue tendon rub at PT yesterday morning. Yes, it made my eyes water and I winced in pain. Whatever it takes to get me back to 100%. I’m for it.

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