Working on It

I keep telling myself today is the day I give the trip updates, etc. but there are just not enough hours in the day lately.  Couple bullets before I get my butt in gear:

-Trip was great. Paris is awesome and super romantic. Would totally go back for a third time.  London eh, kind of like being in America. Didn’t dislike it but didn’t love it. High Tea was a big highlight.

-Training has gone down the drain. Still doing the Denver Half but it’s going to be sloooooooow. That’s ok I think I’ll be running it for fun with Shanna and her friend from out of state. Ran 12 miles on Sunday…slow but then again I wasn’t really trying.  Ankle currently hurting even with insoles.

-Saw awesome concert with Rache, Josh and her friend Amanda. Darius Ruckers and Brad Paisley put on an awesome show! Few tears when the Justin Moore sang a song called “Grandpa.”

-Got a promotion at work. Yeay!

PAID OFF MY STUDENT LOANS!!!!  I can’t believe it. Thanks to the sale of the Subaru and Josh’s parents sending us a check for trip expenses I am now student loan free! Now we just have Josh’s to contend with.

Little teasers for all of the update I need to do. I’m going to try to get them all done before Josh and I celebrate our 2nd anniversary this weekend (super excited for that!).

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