Then I Ate a Huge Burrito

My long run did not happen this weekend. My original plan was to do a two-a-day run on Saturday. After a quick 4 miles with Josh and Lucky we had errands to run and a house to clean before Josh’s b-day party. Oh and Husker game to watch. So the second 6-8 miles I was going to do just didn’t happen. Before I knew it I needed to get those bacon wrapped dates made, spinach dip going and that baked brie baking.

It turned out to be a bit of a drunk night for myself and our guests apparently. Just goes to show that even though we’re on the down slope to 30 we still can get crazy from time to time…evidence of the vomit in the bathroom we found the next day.  I was a total waste of space on Sunday. I basically was hating life.  Note to self…you can no longer drink like you did at 21. I think that is the last time I’m drinking for a little while. Beer isn’t that fantastic that I cannot resist it and I’m just not really a big drinker anymore.

Monday was Josh’s 29th b-day. I made him dinner, we went to the gym, but since it was his b-day I didn’t want to spend hours running. Probably rude thing to do.

Last night was my night to get it in.  I left work and nearly got blown off the interstate. The winds were insane. Rather than do the running man I decided to run on the dreadmill. 

Time: 1:38   Distance: 10 miles   Avg. Pace: 9:49 min/miles

I stopped at 10 miles though I was planning on 12. My knees actually started hurting and swelling so I figured I better stop. Don’t want to have to drop from the race in a week and a half.  (Bonus-I drunkenly talked Shanna into running the race with me! Yes!)  I couldn’t really find a good elevation chart of the course so I used MapMyRun to make one myself.  It looks pretty flat to me, just how I like it!

After running Josh treated me to the Garden Fresco Burrito with Green Chili from Tres Margaritas…I ate the WHOLE thing. It was delicious. Oh and they made Josh wear a sombrero while they sang to him and gave him a weird red, white and green shot…yuck. Of course the one time I don’t bring my phone or camera to take a picture. Drat!

One thought on “Then I Ate a Huge Burrito

  1. I know, it’s so true. I just can’t drink like I used to. Especially if I want to run. Or get around on crutches. Or do much of anything. Don’t get me wrong. I still drink, just less and more often.

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