Gearing Up for Race Day

It’s already race time! Tomorrow morning is the Heart of the Rockies Half Marathon in Loveland.  Did I get in those speed sessions I was planning on? Nope. Did I do another long run or two? I did one. Ten miles last Tuesday. I don’t think my five miles on Wednesday count as a long run but they felt nice. Since my knees acted up on that last 10 miler I decided to give them a break. I might have to break down and use some KT tape tomorrow but we’ll see how they’re feeling.
Today I’m rocking my compression socks and continuing to try to get hydrated.  Even though I’ve had at least 3-4 large bottles of water just at work alone, every day this week, I’m still thirsty like I’m sitting out in the summer sun. It’s crazy!
Speaking of summer sun. Can you believe this forecast for the weekend? Looks like I’ll be rocking shorts and a t-shirt again for this race. I can’t believe it! Hello global warming is all I can say for nearly 80 degress in Colorado in November. Can’t complain though I’m not looking forward to the commute to/from work once the snow hits.
So tonight I’ll be eating some of this…
and this…
…while I relax and drink 5 more bottles of water and Gatorade. Hopefully I won’t feel as blah and exhausted as I have the past few days when I wake up tomorrow morning. Race report to come.

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