Heart of the Rockies Half Marathon

This was by far the smallest half marathon I’ve ever done.  When Shanna and I arrived in Loveland we barely spotted the check-in tent. It was the easiest check-in ever! In about two minutes we had our bibs and went back to the car to stay warm. When we finally decided it was time to hit the porta potties and head to the starting line it had warmed up quite a bit.  One probably with the starting line…we had no idea where it was!

Finally someone made an announcement that we were all going to walk to the starting line together. We finally got to a super narrow path.  I didn’t hear the official start but Shanna and I finally saw a tiny sign on the side of the trail that said start. Um…yeah, this should have been better marked.

Being a small race there was no chip timing or waves, it was just a go for it kind of race. Unfortunately since we didn’t get right up in front, we got stuck in a huge crowd of people which didn’t break up for a couple miles. At this point I decided you know what, I’m going to run with Shanna and just enjoy the scenery.

I enjoyed the scenery right up until we ran by a dairy from about mile 6-8. It stunk! Check out the cows. 

Not how I pictured an organic farm either. Josh was on his bike doing a great job being our personal papparazi.

Check out those strong running legs! Yep, I rocked green KT Tape. Around mile 9 I decided I just needed to pick up the pace a bit. I speed up a little bit to just hurry and finish. I was getting hot and it was the longest I had run since Nashville back in April.  This goes down as my slowest half on record but it was fun and nice running with Shanna.  Plus how could I not enjoy a 70 degree day in November?


Time: 2:25    Distace: 13.14 miles    Avg. Pace: 11:02…yikes I know.

Best part of running a nice easy, slow race (for me) was I wasn’t even sore.  That rocked my world.

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