Four Day Weekend with Food…Yes!

It’s about time to hit the road. Lucky and I are packed just waiting for Josh to get home so that we can start our 7 hour drive to Lincoln.  Once we get there we have a busy weekend ahead of us.

Thursday obviously is Turkey Day. Can’t wait to enjoy turkey, mashed potatoes, pie…mmm. I have to say any holiday that revolved around food…that’s most holidays with my family, are the best in my book.

Friday we’re going to cheer on the Huskers in Memorial Stadium as they take on the Colorado Buffalos. This will be the last game they play against each other. It’s also the sixth game Josh and I have been to together. We’ve sure come a long way since our first one when I met his parents for the first time. Thank goodness I’m a Husker fan and they won, otherwise it would have been a long day.  It’s supposed to be pretty cold but of course that’s what layers and Valentino’s pizza are for.

Saturday I think we’re heading to Omaha. Speaking of which I need to catch up with my aunts and uncles to see what their plans for the weekend are.  At some point we also need to catch up with Josh’s high school friends.

We’re going to be exhausted, stuffed and ready to be home, but we’re going to stop by my Dad and Liz’s house to see them. Hopefully Dad will have some hanky pankies left…mmm.

If I don’t blog tomorrow, have a wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!

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