Anyone seen a runner lately?

I’m a runner. I love running, but lately there has been no running. Between all the travel and my first trimester nausea and exhaustion, running has been the last thing on my mind. Hence the complete lack of posts lately. I’m going to try to get back on board now that I’m not keeping this huge secret and I’m in my second trimester (yeay!). My energy is finally coming back and I’m rarely nausated anymore. Woohoo.

On the fourth day of our trip in Mexico, I ran for the first time since the day after Thanksgiving. Yep, more than a month between runs. Eek. I hate doing that. About a week before Thanksgiving I had a little scare after a run which just made me feel paranoid about running. Of course my doctor said I should be fine since I was already a runner, but me being a nervous first timer, I stopped. I didn’t completely stop exercising or anything, I just stopped running.

Now that I’ve seen our Peanut (yep, we’ve nicknamed the little one after a snack food), heard the heartbeat, been reassured that there is only about a 1% chance that something could go wrong at this point in my pregnancy, and am feeling almost like myself except for the expanding waistline, I’m going to go back to my sport.  I’m may be slow but I don’t care. At least I’m out there once again.

Oh running how I’ve missed you.

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