Our vacaton to Mexico was just what we needed.  Josh and I had been working nonstop and had barely seen eachother.  With a few days off work for the holidays, the timing was just right for a relaxing beach vacation, which we hadn’t had since our honeymoon in Belize.

I knew it was going to be a nice trip when we got upgraded to First Class on our flight from Denver to Phoenix.

Oh yeah, high rollers…thanks to Josh being flown to Europe for work in Business Class.  Unfortunately we weren’t upgraded the rest of the way, but that’s ok.

Finally we arrived in Puerto Vallarta.  We stayed at the Riu Palace Pacifico in Nuevo Vallarta.  We walked in and were impressed by the fancy lobby.  We checked in and immediately put on our suits to go check out the pool and beach.  Check out the view from our room.

Our first few days we spent relaxing, sea kayaking and cruising on a catamaran.

Don’t worry, that was a non-alcoholic Bahama Mama I was sipping on.  Do you see my little bump?

On Christmas Day we headed to a small town with a beautiful little Catholic Church for mass.

Santa arrive by parasail a little bit before lunch.  Perfect way to arrive on the beach I’d say.

The next day we embarked on a snorkeling adventure.  It was so cold on the boat at 8 o’clock in the morning.  Brr.  We saw a lot of sea life on our way to the Marietas Islands where we were going to snorkel.



Once we got there we put on our wetsuits and jumped in.  The water was freezing! I could only stay in about 20 minutes.  I did get to see some beautiful fish.

That was one long day. About 7 hours on the boat. After that we were ready for more relaxation on the beach to end our vacation.

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