Telling the Fam

After we found out that I was pregnant (yes, I am pregnant, WE are not) we decided that we’d only tell family until the end of my first trimester. For my own sanity, I had to be able to tell someone, plus if anything did go wrong I was sure we’d want to be able to talk to our families about it.

Anyway, I’m such a planner so of course I had to think of fun ways to tell everyone.  My Dad and Liz (Ted, Audrey and Tom too!) were the first family members we told.  We decided we’d tell them right after Thanksgiving when we went to their house for dinner.

After enjoying dinner we all settled in the living room. I told Dad and Liz we had a little gift for them.  In the box was a little ornament I created using our first ultrasound picture. 

It took my dad and minute but once Liz said it, there were hugs and congratulations all the way around.

Next up my mom and Mike (Emma and Riley) the following weekend. My mom and Mike are wine lovers and keep the labels of their favorite bottles in a special wine label book. So naturally I thought, perfect, I’ll make a wine label. 

I armed my little sister with my camera and had Mom and Mike sit down in front of the fireplace, then handed them the bottle. My mom laughed and then if clicked. She immediately started crying and jumped up to hug me. Again, hugs and congratulations all around! Of course then we called my Grandma Sutton, Aunt Jan and Uncle Ben to tell them the news as well.

The next day we headed to San Diego and were planning on telling my Grandma and Grandpa Walker, Aunt Kath, Aunt Suze, Uncle Todd and cousins. When my grandparents arrived at my Aunt Kath’s house they played right into our plans. My grandma said she wanted to take pictures. Perfect! So Josh volunteered to take a Walker family picture first. Once we were all gathered together he said, ” Everyone say we’re going to be Great Grandparents!”

Yep, captured my Grandma’s face on camera. They are really excited. I’m the first grandchild and our peanut will be the first great-grandchild.

Finally we were ready to tell Josh’s family. We had been impatiently waiting until New Year’s weekend when his immediate family would be all together. Since we were going to tell them on New Year’s Eve, a holiday that lends to champagne drinking, I created a champagne label. Right before dinner Josh told his dad that we had champagne for the night and handed him the bottle. He read it, smiled and then read it aloud for everyone to hear.

Every congratulated us and his sister Amber said she knew it when Nancy, Josh’s mom mentioned I took a long nap at Thanksgiving.

It was so fun telling everyone and seeing all the reactions. It’s a relief that it’s out there, though it was special having the secret just between Josh and I for a while.

P.S. I ran last night. Just 3.5 miles total at a 10 min/mile pace, but it felt good. 🙂

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