18 Weeks

I can’t believe that I am only two weeks away from the half-way mark of my pregnancy.  My belly finally popped. I went to bed last Sunday night with my pudgy stomach and woke up on Monday with a baby bump.  Some days it’s bigger than others and it’s definitely bigger at night after a day of eating than it is in the morning.  See for yourself, though please ignore the strange face I’m making.

Weight Gain to Date: About 5-6 lbs. The scale at home says I’m about 5 lbs up, but the gym scale says I’m more like 7-8 lbs up.  Granted I am wearing all of my layers and tennis shoes when I weight myself there.  I guess we’ll see at my appointment in two weeks.  I have been feeling rather large and in charge. I’m not going to lie I’m having a hard time with the numbers on the scale. I know that I need to gain weight for the baby and it’s healthy, but it doesn’t make me stop worrying that I’m gaining too much.

Belly Button in or out: In. No signs of it popping out any time soon.

Baby Size: Peanut is now the size of a sweet potato, 5.6 inches long and weighing in at about 6.7 ounces.  When I lay on my back (relax I only do it for a minute or two) you can see and feel my melon sized uterus.  It’s crazy!

New Developments: Peanut is yawning, hiccupping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing.

Cravings: Nothing in particular right now, though I had some chips and french onion dip at the Gilbert’s Super Bowl party that I could not stop eating. Thank goodness it was made with greek yogurt. Now that I’m thinking about it again, I really want some. Dangit!

Food aversions: Still tofu.  Chicken is also really hit or miss with me right now.

Feeling: Feeling good!  The headaches have gotten better and I’m generally feeling like myself.

Sleep: Still having trouble sleeping at night.  It’s difficult for me to get comfortable lately.  Of course I’ve never been a back sleeper, but now I really want to sleep on my back. I’m sure it’s because I’m not supposed to.

Movement: Yes!  I was sitting at the office last week, well I suppose a week and a half ago, and I felt a popcorn popping sensation.  Since then the kicks have been getting stronger and stronger. I LOVE feeling our little Peanut move. 

Gender: I had my first dream where I could see what sex the baby was.  I dreamt it was a little girl with big brown eyes and wavvy hair.  In my dream she was a toddler, so not sure what that means.  13 days until we find out the sex!

Maternity Clothes: Ive broken down and been sporting more and more maternity clothes. I picked up some new shirts as well as a new dress.  They are so comfortable. I’m still primarily wearing my regular pants but I can tell my days in those are numbered.

What I miss: Running without peeing every 5 seconds. A good night’s sleep.

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