Hanging Up the Running Shoes

Well it’s official; my running days are over until after Peanut is born. After several more attempts, it’s become quite apparently my bladder just can’t handle the pressure. I am sooooooo sad. My goal was to run well into my third trimester.

I’ve tried not drinking any liquids and running, going to the bathroom immediately before getting on the treadmill, doesn’t matter. As soon as my foot hits the belt a few times, I immediately have to rush off to the bathroom. The baby must be right on my bladder. Luckily I can make it on the elliptical for about a half hour before I have the same problem. Must be because I’m not pounding like I do when I run. Looks like its elliptical and stationary biking for me for the remaining five or so months.

My prenatal yoga class starts this week but unfortunately I’ll be missing my first class because I’m traveling to South Carolina for work. I’m also looking into water classes. I think if I had classes to go, I’d be way more likely to actually get my butt to the rec. center and into the pool. I HAVE to start swimming again, especially if running is out. Any options to keep me in shape while pregnant, I’m all over.

One thought on “Hanging Up the Running Shoes

  1. Jess- I somehow found your blog and it appears we’re neighbors! That is, if you live anywhere close to Longs Peak (awesome banner pic on your blog). Anyway, I’m also due in July and a runner and wanted to let you know that sometimes the babe makes you think you have to quit, but then it lifts off your bladder a couple weeks later, allowing you to run again. That happened in my first pregnancy and I thought I was done at about 18 weeks. Thankfully, it got a lot better and I was able to run until 38 weeks. In the end, I could actually do about 4 miles without stopping on the side of the road to pee. Good luck in your prego adventures and check out my blog if you want some more pregnancy-exercise inspiration!

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