Worst Travel Day Ever

I travel fairly regularly for work and personal vacations. I must be a lucky traveler because I’ve never been on a significantly delayed flight, never had a bag lost and generally had great experiences. That changed on Wednesday. It was the travel day from hell.

Before leaving my office I checked to make sure my flight was on time. Everything said yes, even when I checked in.  First mistake, checking my carry-on sized roller. Since I’m traveling for work I figured I’d check it because the baggage fee is no problem. Plus at nearly 5 months pregnant, lifting it up over my head and getting it into the overhead bin sounded like a bad idea.  Made it through security no problem.

Get to the gate, still says it’s on time but our plane hasn’t arrived. Plane arrives about the time we’re supposed to board. No biggie, they turn those around quickly.  Then the first announcement saying they need to have mechanics look at it real quick, should be only about 15 minutes.  I sit and wait, eating a quick snack.  A half hour later, they’re running some tests, we should start boarding in about 15 minutes.  Still wait and even though I’m getting hungry for lunch I figure I’ll just buy a fruit and cheese platter on the plane rather than go get fast food, I’m in the exit row at the front of the plane.  Thirty minutes later, now about 20 minutes after we were supposed to leave, the final announcement, it’s going to be at least an hour before we can start boarding.  Ugh.

They switch me to the flight leaving in about 20 minutes. No problem.  Except now I’m 3 rows from the back of the plane. Not only that but I’m sitting next to a couple with a 2 year old…eek.  We’re all boarded ready to go, then they announce maintenance has to come look at our hydrolics, should only be about 15 minutes.  Fifteen minutes later, another announcement, we’re looking at 35-45 minutes.  I watch the plane I was supposed to be one leave.  A little over an hour after they closed the doors we finally take off.  Thank goodness I’m at least airborn even if I should be landing in Charlotte.

By this time I’m starving, the 2 year old is cranking and so am I. I wish it were acceptable for me to through a tantrum.  Finally the food cart is heading out, all the way down to the front of the plane.  Of course I start to think, yikes they might run out of food, but assure myself that a lot of the people on board brought on lunch so surely they will be some snacks left.  The cart finally makes it down to me, the lady three rows in front of my took the last fruit and cheese platter, a man two rows in front took the last almond, cheese and cracker box, and a man one row in front took the last of the chips and salsa. All they had left were M&Ms.  I almost burst into tears.  It’s not a good thing to be trapped at the back of a plane, in a window seat, pregnant, hungry and with a rude flight crew.  Luckily the woman next to me had tons of snack since they were traveling with a baby.  She was so generous and gave me a banana and Nurti-Grain bar…lifesaver. I spent the rest of the flight playing with their daughter and talking to them about babies, living in Germany, Colorado, etc.  Definitely helped the flight fly by.

We landed in Charlotte and I easily made it to my new connection and landed in Greenville, SC after a 17 minute flight.  I was about 4 hours later than I was supposed to be but at least I didn’t have to get on another plane.  Only problem, my bag is no where to be found. In fact it hadn’t even left Denver yet.  UGH!  Luckily my rental car was no problem and I headed to the hotel, bagless.  About 9:30 pm I find out my bag won’t be into Greenville until at least 9:15 am on Thursday.  Not helpful since I had to start our video shoot at 7:30 am.  I hurridly Googled the nearest Target and got there about 5 minutes before they closed.  Threw clothes and toilettries in my basket and headed for checkout in the dark.

Thursday morning everything fit and the make-up I quickly grabbed actually worked  out well.  I may have had to do my hair with a mini comb from the hotel, but I pulled it together. Thursday was a much better day!  The video shoot went well and I enjoyed some yummy Carolina barbeque. 

I’m sitting in the Greenville airport now. Hopefully today will go more smoothly than Wednesday. Regardless, I have no desire to fly US Airways again.

2 thoughts on “Worst Travel Day Ever

  1. What a day! I seem to have the worst travel experiences (I once had to sleep in the Memphis airport) so I understand. And, I would so cry if they didn’t have food. Being pregnant and hungry is no good. Hope the rest of your trip is better!

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