Bad Yoga Mommy

I’ve been a bad yoga mommy. I missed the first two sessions of my prenatal yoga class.  The first one was due to being in South Carolina, the second due to a nasty case of the flu I had last week. Finally this week I was ready!

I hate being late, so of course I was the first one to arrive at class.  When everyone else arrived and we were in our circle, we went around introducing ourselves and our babies. Everyone was a different stages and had different shaped bellies. I was floored when a woman next to me said she was 39 weeks. She had a tiny belly! 

In between poses, we did a lot of talking. There were question and answer sessions, helpful tips on how our partners can help release pressue on our tailbones during labor, etc.  The instructor even showed us how to best use exercise balls to relieve back pain as well as open our hips.  It was nice to be around other women that are going through the same things at the same time.

I left the classes feeling relaxed and with some techniques to practice at home for dealing with discomfort.  I’m looking forward to next week.  I have three more sessions left. We’ll see how they good. I may sign up for the next sessions as well.

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