Curry fueled shopping

Tonight I had a successful shopping night. 

Josh is busy skiing up in the mountains this weekend with some of his friends from high school.  I took this opportunity to hang with Rache.  It’s was so nice to have a night with a girlfriend.

First stop, Babies R’ Us for some registering action.  I quickly became overwhelmed in the massive store filled with baby stuff from wall to wall.  We walked up and down the aisles scanning away, but when we got to the bedding section I was disappointed. Just like Target, all the bedding sets had animals, butterflies, and huge flowers all over them.  Blah.

My goal for the evening was to find Peanut’s bedding.  Requirements: no animals, no butterflies, no huge flowers, preferrably a quilted set rather than some puffy business.

Once I had my fill of babyzone, it was time for an Indian feast.  Rache and I headed to Jewel of India.  It was so good!  I’m excited to eat the leftovers.  We were well fed and ready to power on.  We realized when we got in the car that the mall was going to close in 40 minutes.

After debating whether or not to go, we decided we better just go and b-line it to Pottery Barn Kids.  We made it with a half hour to spare.  I’d almost decided on a set, even though it had tiny birds on the quilt, when I saw it…

It was the perfect set for Peanut’s room!  Even better, it was on sale and matches the existing light blue color of her future room.  The store didn’t have the bumper, but the Colorado Springs store does. I just have to call them in the morning. It was just meant to be!

I can’t wait to decorate the rest of the room now.  The crib has arrived and is waiting for Josh to pick up and bring home.  The dresser/changing table will be here any day now.  Yeay!

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