Service Sunday

I’ve decided I don’t do nearly enough for people less fortunate than myself. I really need to work on that. This afternoon/evening was a good start.

My friend Shana learned of an opportunity for us to serve dinner to some homeless/street kids.  I thought that it sounded like fun so I was all over it.  I headed to her house earlier this afternoon and with the help of Russell and Jason, we made six huge trays of baked ziti and three pans of Rice Krispie Treats.  I was in charge of the Rice Krispies…my arm got a workout. I had forgotten how delicious the melting marshmellow and butter mixture was mixed in with the sugary cereal.

We loaded up the cars and headed downtown to get ready.  We arrived at a church that allows the group StandUp for Kids use their basement for the weekly Sunday meal.  Shana’s recipe for ziti was a hit! We had some people come back 4 and 5 times for more.  As I looked around the room, I realized that I have been very lucky. Though there were times when I was young, when my family really struggled, my parents and family always made sure we had somewhere to lay our head at night and food to eat.  The group we served dinner to were all teens, some maybe in their twenties.  We were pleasantly surprised to be treated to some great piano playing.  I was really impressed at the range of music that one of the kids could play.  He was very talented.

The crowd started thining out and we condensed the rest of the food, taking it over to the men’s shelter next door.  I think we all felt good about helping others tonight.  It definitely more thankful for everything I had.

I’m absolutely going to try to find more opportunities to volunteer my time and efforts again.

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