Midwives vs. doctors and a clogged duct

Last night was my second prenatal yoga class. I think I enjoyed this class even more than the first. I have to say again, this it is really nice to be with a group of women going through the same thing. I was the least far along in the class last night, but that’s ok.  We opened class with questions and I spoke up to ask if anyone could tell me about midwives vs. doctors. 

Since watching The Business of Being Born a few years ago and then again with Josh a few weeks back, I’ve been on the fence about switching from a doctor to a midwife. The film made me feel empowered and confident that my body knows what it needs to do.  

It also, along with other research, made me not want a bunch of medical intervention. I don’t want pitocin, I don’t want them to forcably break my water if it doesn’t need it, and I want to be able to move around, not be stuck on a bed on my back.  I do however, want to be in the hospital, not at home, just in case something goes wrong.

My physican practice is partnered with a midwifery practice, both of which deliver at the hospital where we’ll be delivering.  As I heard the women speak about how much personalized care they got, how they bonded with their midwife and how they had the support of their midwife there through the entire labor process, not just the last 10 minutes to actually pull the baby out, I was 95% sold.  First thing this morning, after reading birth stories on their website. I sent an email over to Boulder Nurse-Midwives.  I think I’m going to keep my 24 week appointment with the doctor, but go meet with the midwives so that I can make me final decision.  Eek.

Anyone else switch from a doctor to a midwife or visa versa? Or just go with a midwife?

Back to the class itself, we did lots of positions, the squats hurt because I managed to totally tweak my knee at the gym on Wednesday night.  Still hurting…ouch.  We also learned some more pressure positions and relief options to teach our partners. They’ll have open our hips and move our tailbone a bit in the event we’re having back labor. Fingers crossed that Peanut will be in the right position for me!

Then something unexpected happened. Our instructor, who has an 8 month old, said she had a clogged milk duct and offered to let us feel it so we know what it is.  I’m not one to jump on feeling near stranger’s boobs, but I’m glad I did. Ouch did it seem like it’d be painful! Now I know what it feels like so if I have one, I don’t think I have cancer and totally freak out. She also gave us some tips on how to unclog them with breastfeeding, massage and warm water.  When I was telling Josh about this he thought it was hilarious. Of course.

Well, off to work. Yeay it’s Friday!

3 thoughts on “Midwives vs. doctors and a clogged duct

  1. The practice I’m going to has both midwives and ob/gyns, about 4-5 of each. At this practice, your initial appointment is with a midwife, so I started seeing the midwives from the beginning. I had one apt with a dr from the practice, who was very nice, but I waited 3 times as long (in the waiting room and in the exam room) for an apt that was about 4 minutes long. I watched some DVDs and read a bunch of books on childbirth and I too feel like my body will know what to do and I want as few interventions as possible. It made me pretty apprehensive about the hospital though, since regardless of who’s delivering your child, the hospital policies can make natural, low-intervention childbirth difficult. My hospital is thankfully very flexible and the midwives at my practice have really built up my trust that I can have the birth I want, as long as baby and I are both ok. I really do not think I’d feel the same way if I had seen the obs at my practice instead of the midwives. I’d be ready to go in fighting for what I want, instead of relaxed and assured that things would be fine.
    I think it’s awesome you are checking out the midwife office and hope that you can figure out what will work best for you.

  2. That is awesome. I have never once regretted my decision to work with midwives rather than an OB. I know there are Docs there in case something goes wrong, but I’d rather not have the pressure or be forced into something I don’t want. Way to go with your gut.

    Also, I bet feeling that instructor up was so helpful! I’m a little jealous and it feels weird to admit that… the things us first time moms don’t know!

  3. I watched The Business of Being Born today after reading your blog. Such an interesting movie. The thoughts I had about midwives before have totally changed from it. I’m still pretty sure I wouldn’t want to give birth at home but going to a birthing center with a midwife would be a possibility.

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