Weekend Wrap-Up

I think I went to bed on Friday night and woke up on Monday morning. Boy this weekend seemed to go by exceptionally quick. Friday night Josh and I had date night (yeay!). I suppose any time we go out just the two of us it could be considered date night, but this one was set aside for a nice dinner. I figure we should probably try to hit the less kid-friendly restaurants while we can. We went up to Jay’s Bistro in Fort Collins. When we sat down we had to laugh, because there were three pregnant women in a row. It was like the Pregnancy Only Corner of the restaurant. We laughed about it with one of the tables next to us. Any way I devoured some amazing Pork Tenderloin and thought Josh may need to roll me out of the restaurant.

Saturday morning we drove down to Denver to attend a party my coworker was throwing. He had the perfect condo for watching the St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

I could not believe how big the parade was! It started at 10 am and by the time we left Andy’s about 1:15 pm, it was still going on. There were some interesting participants:

It was fun but left me exhausted. We went home and I crashed hard. I slept for about 2 hours before picking myself up off the couch to go to the grocery store.

Sunday was our lazy day. Love those days! I did however; spend 2 hours at the gym. It felt so good! I did 30 minutes on a stationary bike for a warm-up, 30 minutes weights –mainly arms, and then 60 minutes on the elliptical. I felt so great afterwards! It was the best workout I’ve had in a long time. I really needed it just to boost my morale. I’ve been really hard on myself lately. I know that I’m healthy and gaining weight is important for our little Peanut, but lately it’s been really hard looking in the mirror and starting to notice more than just my belly is expanding. Dang thighs and butt…booo.

Yeah, not a great shot Josh took at the dog park. Can you see Lucky back there?

Anyway, I decided to embark on making an Indian feast for our Sunday night dinner. Boy, do I have new found respect for anyone who cooks Indian on a regular basis. I am happy to pay for the pricey food at a restaurant…phew. It took me about two hours (not including about half of the prep work that had been done the night before) to make Chicken Tikka Masala and Cabbage Sabji.

The results were delicious (and spicy!). I do not recommend making Indian food when you are short on time. It will probably be quite a while before I try it again, but I will attempt saag one of these days.

I know…I’m addicted to Indian. Our baby is going to be born slightly yellow from all of the turmeric…haha. At least she’ll like the spices. Maybe next week I’ll try to move onto a new ethnic food since I’ve had Indian once a week for the past several weeks.

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