Most Delicious Delivery Ever!

Today I am a very spoiled woman.  I had these two unassuming packages arrive on my doorstep this afternoon.

Don’t let them fool you, pure heavenly deliciousness was inside. 

Box #1:

Yep, that’s right, a fresh New York cheesecake right from Junior’s in Brooklyn!  OMG, can’t wait to cut some strawberries up and top a nice big slice.

Box #2:

Black & White cookies also straight from New York.  These babies were calling my name. Upon first bite, Peanut started kicking and I couldn’t keep myself from moaning out load.  They are that good!  I cut that first one in half to try to control myself until after dinner, but I had to eat the other half. Not going to lie I may be eating another one after dinner.

Big THANK YOU to my stepdad Mike who is responsible for these spoils! He sure does know how to make a pregnant woman’s (and husband and baby too!) whole day. Ok, whole week. There may be tears when it’s all gone….

Edited to add: I ran two miles! This may seem like nothing but for me it’s huge.  Maybe by next week I’ll be able to get up to three.  Thank you Peanut for moving off of my bladder to allow me to get two miles before I had to stop to go to the bathroom.


Time: 21 minutes    Distance: 2 miles    Avg. Pace: 10:30 min/miles

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