Guess what I dusted off yesterday?

Yep, that’s right, my trusty old running shoes.  Last night Josh convinced me to give running another shot since my uterus has definitely grown and I’m feeling Peanut higher up than I had been before.  I was not confident but thought ok, it’s a beautiful day, if I pee my pants I’ll be close to my house.

We set out with Lucky. We walked about a block before I started to yog.  I wouldn’t really call it running, more so fast walking. I didn’t bother to bring my Garmin so I have no idea what my pace was, but I made it about 3/4-1 mile before I had to stop to prevent an embarrassing accident.  I felt good to finally be moving faster again even though I felt like I needed to have some sort of support for my little belly. 

I was so excited that I think I’ll try it again today. The weather is supposed to be perfect!

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