Six Years

Six years ago this baby-faced boy…

Met this outgoing girl…

They decided to give it a shot and see where this unexpected romance took them.

Little did they know (well Jess knew), they had found the person they were supposed to spend their life with.

Josh started his first real job. Jess graduated from college and started her first real job.

Another year went by and they decided they were ready to take the next step and move in together. They bought their first house.

Shortly after moving into the new house, tired from all of the renovations, they decided a weekend away was just what they needed before the holidays.  Jess didn’t know it, but Josh was going to propose.

They got home and started planning their wedding. In the midst of the planning, they decided they wanted a little fur baby of their own. They adopted Lucky Red from the Humane Society.

Eleven months after the proposal, Jess’ dad walked her down their aisle to marry the man of her dreams.

They began their new life as husband and wife. Jess started running and Josh cheered her on. They fixed up their house and changed jobs, Josh getting promoted, Jess changing companies.

They explored new countries and went on adventures together.







As their two year anniversary approached, they decided they were ready to expand their family.  Before they knew it, they were expecting their first child. Due July 14, 2011.

Now, more in love than ever, they are happily planning for the arrival of their new daughter and all the excitement, surprises, and exhaustion that will bring.  A lot happens in six years!

One thought on “Six Years

  1. ok, you got me. This post made my cry. Happy tears, but tears nonetheless. I am so happy for you and Josh. You will be great parents!

    Love you sweetie!!

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