Making a Switch

Today was the kind of doctors appointment that reinforced why I wanted to check out the midwifery practice. I timed it, 10 minutes total including weight check, blood pressure, giving me the info. and cocktail for the glucose test, measuring my belly and listening to the heartbeat. I had to stop the doctor before she left the room to ask a question.  It’s not that she wasn’t nice but geez.  I felt like a I was just a patient to check off before she headed out for the evening.

Look at this yummy cocktail they gave me.

I know you’re jealous.  I have that to look forward to in about three weeks when I got to the lab. Mmm.

Anyway, after my appointment Josh and I went to have a meet and greet with the midwifery practice.  It went great! The woman I met with was so nice, calm and seemed really to be in tune with the type of birth I’m helping for.  We spent about a half our talking about what kind of birth I wanted (as natural as possible), what their practice is all about and the type of care I’ll be getting.  When we left I felt calm and my nerves about the labor process really were put at ease. I’m sure they’ll come back, but I feel like I’ll be better prepared with the support of the midwives.

So that is it, we decided that we’re switching. I’m really excited about it and feel confident about my decision.  Now apparently we have to start looking into pediatricians. Oye.

One thought on “Making a Switch

  1. It seriously stinks making the effort to get to the appointment for 10 minutes of “care.” I always get a question about vitamins because I once mentioned that I hate taking ’em. UGH. I also have the glucose test to look forward to in three weeks 😦

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