Goodbye College Bed, Hello Crib

It’s amazing what a Chipotle burrito and some beer can entice people to do.

This weekend I was able to bribe my brother with the previously mentioned burrito and beer to help Josh move the old bed out of the soon to be nursery and take it to the dump, as well as help Josh get the crib up the stairs and put together. There may have also been a dresser they took up the stairs only to have to take it back down and to the UPS store to be returned. It didn’t quite match the crib. Luckily I was able to find one that should match better. 

Now when I walk by the nursery on the way to our room I have to stop and stare a little bit. It’s so weird having a crib in our house. Before we know it, we’ll have our baby to put into it. Crazy!

I have a lot of work to do still. Luckily the room is staying the light blue color it is but here is the rest of my vision for it (that’s our crib in the middle):

So things I still need to buy (or get off the registries):

  • bookcase
  • glider and ottoman
  • letters
  • paintings
  • curtains (forgot to add those to the pic)
  • rug of some sort

I think it will come together nicely. It may take Josh moving things around a few times before I’m happy with the layout, but I think it’s going to be really cute. I’m excited to see it all put together.

Non-nursery related weekend included dinner with our friends Shanna, Russell and Brenna. We ate at Gondolier, an Italian place in Boulder. I had some really delicious Osso Bucco. I thoroughly enjoyed the leftovers last night.   

Sunday morning I met Rache for brunch at The Boulder Café. It was delicious, especially the beignets we shared.  I also sadly watched the Jayhawks lose to VCU. What was that about Jayhawks?

I love eating, can you tell? It’s a good thing I also love exercising.

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