Love in the form of baked goods

Delicious surprises keep showing up on my doorstep. It’s like a magical dessert fairy decided that from now on, all packaged delivered must have a sweet treat in them.

Case in point: Fairytale Brownies

This delicious morsels (12 different kinds to be exact) arrived earlier this week courtesy of two of my friends Kim and Jeanne.  A few years back when Jeanne was pregnant with her first child, we ordered Jeanne this same assortment of brownies. Upon opening them, so burst into tears saying they were the most beautiful brownies she’s ever seen. It was so cute, but of course we teased her a little bit.

Now it was my turn. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t get teary just at the sight of the brownies, but I did get teary because it was so thoughtful and unexpected.  Their note was just perfect.

I’m so lucky I have such amazing friends and family.

I think I need to have the fruit and vegetable fairy show up next.

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