From Coast…

Bright and early Sunday morning I was off to the airport to catch my flight to Fort Lauderdale for our company sales conference.  I think it was the first time I had tears rolling down my face as I pulled out of our driveway for a business trip.  I’m sure some most of it was my wacky hormones, but some it was the stress of a crazy week of travel. Once I arrived and the airport and was airborne I was fine.

I was even better when I checked into my room at The Ritz-Carlton and saw this outside my patio.

This is a view that was a pleasure to enjoy.  My room was pretty nice as well:

(I got this pic from the website. My grainy camera phone just wouldn’t do it justice.)

The meeting was good (another post to come on the cool personality survey we did), the food was good, but the time change was not. Wow it was hard losing two hours.  Getting up at 6 am was like getting up at 4 am Colorado time. Needless to say after 2.5 long days I’m exhausted. 

Now sitting in the airport, I’m waiting to board the first of my two flights to the other side of the country. See you on the West Coast.

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