Baby Shower, San Diego Style

I’m so behind on posting about the fantastic baby shower my family threw me when I was in San Diego. Now that the shower my friend and Maid of Honor Rachael is throwing me is less than two weeks away, I figured I better get on it.

The shower took place at my Aunt Kath’s house.

She has a beautiful backyard and a huge porch so that was where we decided we should park.  Of course we hadn’t planned on it being the hottest day of the year (94 degrees). We didn’t make it out there for too long.

What’s more perfect for celebrating the upcoming arrival of a little baby than baby sandwiches? Boy were they delicious. Kath totally out did herself.

With the help of my little cousins Sally and Grace, we had a slew of sandwiches: mini BLTs, Caprese, chicken salad on mini croissants, cucumber, and pork tenderloin with coleslaw on Hawaiian rolls.  They were all amazing. Of course we couldn’t stop with sandwiches, there was also fruit salad, cheeses, and green salad. I could have eaten until I exploded.  Good thing I already had a belly. 🙂

After eating it was time for presents. 

In the invitation my mom asked guests to bring a favorite childhood book to build up Peanut’s collection. We got some great books! I’m so excited to read them to her.  We also got some really cute little clothes, including an adorable dress all the way from China courtesy of my Aunt Suze.

My Grandma Sutton came through with a DVD and CD of Raffi, who was my favorite singer as a small child.  My Grandma Walker gave us Peanut’s first quilt! i don’t know where that picture is…sad.  She is an amazing quilter. I love all my quilts from when I was young. I can’t wait to cuddle our little one up in it.  Opening presents was so fun, thanks to everyone again for their generosity! It was onto the games.

My mom had all sorts of games from thinking of names that started with each letter of the alphabet to trivia.  We were all concentrating hard.

With the game concluded and winners given their prizes, it was definitely time for cake and some pictures. It was so delicious! A Bavarian cream cake with raspberries and lemon.

Soon-to-be Great Grandma and Grandpa Walker

Cousin Margi and my little sister Emma

Me and Mom aka Nana Grasso

At the end of the afternoon it was time to call an end to the shower. It was so much fun! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family!

2 thoughts on “Baby Shower, San Diego Style

    • That dress was actually a prepregnancy dress I got last summer at Target. I think that was the last time for a while that I’ll fit into, but I’ve found anything with an empire waist rocks!

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